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Entrepreneur &
Computer Scientist *

Technology, data & innovation are my main passions and what drives all my entrepreneurial doings. Paired with focus, strategic thinking and analysis they drive my product direction and go-to-market approaches.

I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the full life cycle of building companies, where I learned:

Building: Lean startup, MVPs, product development, product/market fit, go-to-market, pivoting

Operating: Management, leadership, scaling, sales, marketing, financing, fund raising, restructuring 

Exiting: The one where you get paid and the one where you get mostly experience. ;-)

I did this in different roles:

Kingfluencers AG: As one of the founders and CEO, leading the company over ~4 years from concept to multi-million revenue.

Bitspin GmbH: As one of the founders where we built the company from idea to product to launch to a healthy exit to Google.

Panamove: As one of the founders where we went from idea to MVP and revenue, testing the business model to shut-down.

Ehminem: As one of the founders where we built an AI podcast tool from idea, market entry, pivot to an exit to a competitor.


* While I don't like putting people into boxes, if I had to define myself it'd be probably as an Entrepreneur & Computer Scientist. But there are also other words that would at least describe part of me: Eater, Reader, Learner, Sleeper, Gamer, Writer, Designer, Student, Human.

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